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Welcome to the Yamuna Foundation for Blue Water

Mission Statement

Our goal is to clean the pollution in the Yamuna River, starting in Uttaranchal and flowing through northern India to Uttar Pradesh, and to create a better ecosystem in New Delhi. There is more detailed summary for further information.

Latest Updates

YAMUNA RIVER - Sampling at Gau Ghat, January 20, 2008.

Robin Nesting in Front Porch and feeding Baby Chicks in Maryland
Dead Birds - from Human Trash
Dead Birds from Human Trash
Summary Reports from the Field Workshops (2009-10) in India
Yamuna River with Floating Foam - Jan 15, 2010
Newspaper reports on the Yamuna Workshops (2009-10) in India
Hindusthan Times Article on Yamuna Cleanup Effort
ROW Foundation's Annual Meeting Report 2009
Superb Performance by Facing East Trio - Benefit Concert for Yamuna
Why Trash Cleanup for the Yamuna? - Dead Birds from Human Trash
Successful Youth Camp for Yamuna
We Support the Yamuna Jiye Abhiyaan
Agra Yamuna Watershed Cleanup 2009 - Details

Yamuna Mathura-Agra Conference - January 4, 2009 in Agra

  Conference Summary with Pictures
  Download the Agenda and Registration Details

Yamuna River, Yours or Mine? Seminar - September 3, 2008

  Program and Free Registration Details

Yamuna Cleanup

  Photo Gallery of Agra Yamuna Cleanup
  Photo Gallery of Delhi Yamuna Cleanup
  Agra and New Delhi Details
    Download the Banner

Yamuna-Potomac Cleanup

  Two Rivers, Two Capitals, Two Nations, One Need - Blue Water.
Agra and New Delhi

Yamuna Conference - January 11, 2008 in New Delhi

  Tentative Agenda and Other Details
  Free Registration
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Note: Rivers of the World (ROW) Foundation is a Tax-Exempt(501(c)3)Organization. All contributions to the ROW Foundation (Fed. Tax ID 26-062-3120 )qualify to be deductible from U.S. income taxes. All Rivers of the world foundation team members are participating in the Rivers/Stream restoration and protection activities on their personal time and contributing their personal funds. Not a single volunteer of the Foundation is receiving any compensation, rather they are paying towards the cause. They are conducting the activities in compliance with applicable regulations (US 18 U.S.C. 207 , 5 CFR 2635, and others; India - IPC for Ethics) in their respective countries. They are dedicated to Restore/Protect Rivers/Steams of the World and provide clean water for the poor and needy.