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Greetings from the Yamuna Foundation (India)

Registered in Delhi, and Agra, India


  • Crofton, Maryland, USA
  • Malviya Nagar, New Delhi, India
  • Agra, India


DCMC Foundation was established to cater to the medical needs of people in rural India and other developing countries.

Update: April 16, 2005

FlowersThis outpatient village dispensary at Ramkrishna Nagar was attended by two Physicians, Dr. K. K. Das and Dr. A. N. Bhattacharyya, a famous orthopedics from New Delhi. A number of patients visited the dispensary that day and consulted with the doctors.

Two significant improvements in the Dispensary were noticed on April 16. Newly installed electrical system, and a working Telephone. Thanks to Mr. Prasanta Choudhury of Karimganj for the complete electrical system including supplies and for complete painting of the interior and exterior of the building en-gratis as his contribution to the Dispensary. This is a sheer blessing to the villagers. When asked over phone as to what he would like in return, he replied "just love" and nothing else. Fortunately, there is plenty of that in this little village. The First Outpatient Village Dispensary built by DCMC Foundation in Ramkrishna Nagar (RK Nagar) opened its door to the Patients on September 14, 2004. Under the Supervision of Dr. K. K. Das the dispensary became fully functional now with plenty of water supply and sanitary facilities. "The number of patients are increasing everyday ..." according to Mr. Vivekananda Dutta, Principal Administrator of the facility.

Fig. 1: Image 006

Figure 1 Dr. K. K. Das with Patients at RK Nagar Village Dispensary, October 2004.

Image 007

Photo: Kajal (white shirt and compounder), Hirok (with water bottle, Asst. Proj. Engineer), a local contractor (extreme right) and three painters sent by Mr. Prasanta Choudhury of Karimganj.

Image 021

Photo: Goslings at Ramkrishna Nagar village.

Image 009

Image 011

Photo: On the left is Mr. Kajal Esh Choudhury, Compounder, and Manager of the RK Nagar Village Dispensary at work. (April 16) On the right is Dr. A. N. Bhattacharyya, Orthopedic from New Delhi, attending the Dispensary on April 16, 2005.

Aims and Ojectives

Aims and objectives of DCMC Foundation are:

  1. To provide treatment facilities for the poor and needy in rural settings who do not have easy access to medical help.
  2. To extend systematic and regular training on Medical Aid to the local people.
  3. To educate healthcare professionals on safe environmental management practices for disposal of Medical wastes.
  4. To genarate awareness in rural India and other developing countries about infectious diseases and their preventive measures.
  5. To maintain close touch with Kumar K. Das Foundation, USA and the associated Hospitals (Sundari Mohan Seva Bhawan, Ramnagar, Silchar-788026 India) for exchange of medical information, resources, and new developments etc. throughout India and abroad.
  6. To innovate new methods of emergency medical care and communication system.

Offices, Centers and Facilities

Surjaniketan Seva Sadan - A non-profit Dispensary at Ramkrishnanagar (RK Nagar), Assam, India

The following information on its official addresses are furnished below:

Kolkata, India (formerly Calcutta)

Center Director: Nikhilendu Dasgupta
Phone: 033-2514-0691 or 033-2514-1043

DCMC Foundation
(Dutta Charitable Medical Centre)
352/3 M.B. Road, Birati, Kolkata 700051

Silchar, India

Principal Administrator: Vivekananda Dutta
Phone: 03842-242832

DCMC Foundation
(Dutta Charitable Medical Centre)
c/o Mr. Vivekananda Dutta
Link Road, Lane No.3, Silchar 788006

Name, parentage/occupation and address of the directors/promoters:

  1. Mr. Subijoy Dutta, Executive Director
    1496 Harwell Ave., Crofton, MD 21114-2108
    Phone: 410-721-7706
    Fax: 410-721-6265
    Web: http://yamuna.sdutta.tripod.com/yamuna.htm
    Email: subijoy at msn dot com

    The website has a lot of details on the DCMC center in Ramakrishnanagar. We encourage you to take a look at that.

  2. Robert Street, Principal, Training Coordinator
    St. John School, White Hall, Shillong, Meghalaya 793014
    Phone: 0364-2220971
  3. Mr. Nikhilendu Dasgupta, Executive Director
    Opposite F. Ali Shah Masjid
    P.O. Bisharipara, 24 Parganas(N)
    West Bengal 743276
    Phone: 033-2514-0691
  4. Sucharit (Diplu) Dutta, Secretary
    "Surjaniketan", 352/3 M. B. Road
    Birati, Kolkata, West Bengal 700051
    Phone: 033-2524-1043
    Email: duttag at godrej dot com
  5. Vivekananda Dutta, Principal Administrator
    Link Road, Lane No.3, Silchar, Assam 788006
    Phone: 03842-242832
  6. Mr. Samarendra Kumar Dutta, Regional Director
    Netajipally, Rangirkhari
    Silchar, Assam 788005
    Phone: 03842-235432
  7. Summary information pertaining to the plans and objectives of the foundation are furnished below:

    In a trip to India, and Bangladesh (Nov 24, 1999-Jan 12, 2000), Mr. Subijoy Dutta of DCMC Foundation visited his native village, Ramkrishnanagar, in Cachar, Assam, India along with Dr. K. K. (Lakhsman) Das from Silchar.

    Late Surja Kumar Dutta, grandfather of Subijoy Dutta, established their first settlement in India back in early 1940s at the two-acre hillock, which is the proposed permanent site for the DCMC Dispensary. This 2-acre plot is not accessible by vehicle. It is about half a mile away from the nearest access road. Temporarily, the DCMC Dispensary will be located at a nearby hillock, which is easily accessible by vehicle. During this visit a new venture was undertaken to build a Dispensary/Clinic there. After the building construction and necessary arrangements for a telephone connection is completed at this dispensary site, Dr. K.K. Das will make arrangements to man the dispensary with paramedics and nurses. Dr. Das is also planning to pay occasional visits to this satellite facility.

    The primary objectives behind the DCMC Foundation is to provide medical assistance to the poor and needy people, mostly in rural India. DCMC plans to expand services to the rural areas of the neighboring countries, such as Bangladesh, and Nepal in future.

    A tax-exempt/charitable foundation has been formed in Kolkata, by the name of Dutta Charitable Medical centre (DCMC) Foundation.

    Patronage and Support

    Cardinal We appreciate the donations and support of the following individuals and organizations:

    United States

    AK: Jim Hendershot
    AR: Daryl Jackson, Coilwells, Inc.
    CA: Raveen Arora, Rajeev Banerjee , Quality Foods, Arun & Sabita Biyani, and Manucher Adami
    CO: Ken Brakken, Richard Dash, Humanity Foundation, Gary Huffman, Konad Krori, and Darrell Cornell
    DC: Dorn C. McGrath, Institute for Urban Environmental Research, Lynly Schroeder, Baldev Sidhu, Tom Matthew, Amelia Acierto, Carrie Isaaco, Bonnie Robinson, Terri Stowe, Amar Singh, EPA-APAC, Ellen Spitalnik, Barbara Foster, and Marla Hendricksson.
    FL: Bidhan Saha, Nandini Dasgupta, and Elmie Davis
    GA: Kevin Armbrust
    IL: Raj Rajaram, Tetratech EMI
    MA: J.P. Bhat, Puja Niyogi
    MD: Hiren Bhaduri, Alex Clem, Yamuna Foundation for Blue Water, Sumit Dutta, Tetrahedron, Inc., Marcel Joe Henry, Delegate Janet Greenip, Kadan Sau, Ranajit Pal, Apurba Bhattacharjee, Sunil Shukla, Sunanda Nag, and Sisir Dutta.
    NC: Hilary Inyang
    NJ: Sucheta and Prabir Ghosh, Runi Niyogi
    NY: Kumar K. Das Foundation, Binghamton
    PA: T.K. Dutta, Arun Dev, and S. Venkatacharya
    TX: Nilanjan & Anuradha Dutta, Dallas
    VA: Betsy Grim, Shyam Mathur and others


    Calcutta: N. Dasgupta, Kamalendu Bhattacharjee, Rabi Bhattacharjee, and many others
    Silchar: Vivekananda Dutta, Samarendra Dutta, Akhil Dey Purkayastha, K. K. Das, and many others
    Duliajan: Abhijit & Anita Dam
    Karimganj: Late Ranadhir Dey; Mr. Rakhal Dey, Engineer, Industry Dept, and others
    New Delhi: D.K. Mital, Diplu Dutta, Pinak Pani Nath, Pratima Dasgupta, and many others
    Shillong: Robert Street, Surojit and Meera Dutta
    Ramkrishna (RK) Nagar: Gautam Purkayastha, and Monojeet Purkayastha and others.


    Bikash Sharma, Narendra Bhattarai, and Raju Pal.

    The heartfelt appreciation from the villagers of R.K. Nagar was conveyed to us for all the patrons and supporters of this medical oasis on Dec 6, 2000, when the foundation stone for the dispensary was laid.

    Visiting Medical Professionals for Volunteer Service

    MallardThe pristine setting of this remote village is a paradise for anyone who wants to gaze at the stars without distraction of any lights within miles. Handheld lantern and torch lights are the norms for a stroll at night except when the gracious glow of moon becomes the night light.

    We welcome Doctors, Nurses, and other medical professionals to work under the guidance of Dr. K.K. Das at this outpatient dispensary on a volunteer basis as visiting professionals. Arrangements can be made by writing to us in Maryland or contacting Mr. Vivekananda Dutta in Silchar at the above contact phone number and address.

    Local Picture During Construction

    Local Picture During Construction

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