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News Articles Related To Yamuna Foundation For Blue Water

Here are some news articles printed in newspapers magazines and other sources that related to the Yamuna River or the Yamuna Foundation for Blue Water:

Yamuna Field Workshops in Agra and Panipath Jan 2010

Newspaper reports on the Yamuna Workshops (2009-10) in India

Yamuna Cleanup Effort Recognized at the U.S. Capitol

Humanitarian Leadership Award for the Year 2000
October 19, 2000

We express our special thanks to everyone calling in and sending funds for the "Blue Yamuna". We know that the poor dwellers from the bank of the Yamuna will heartily thank these kind acts and contribution. Our special thanks go the following persons:
o Mr. Shravan Kumar, and Mr. Brij Khandelwal, Agra, India o Mr. Dennis Haag, Lanexa, KS o Ms. Stephanie Nguyen, Alexandria, VA o Mr. David P. Matthews, Kingsport, TN o Dr. Ken Brakken, Arvada, CO o Dr. Shyam Mathur, Springfield, VA o Mr.&Mrs. Folgu & Sunanda Nag, Silver Spring, MD o Ms. Ellen Spitalnik, Accoceek, MD o Dr. George Garland, Washington, DC .. and more, to be added.

Yamuna Cleanup Deadline

Supreme Court Gives Delhi 2 Years For Yamuna Clean Up - A New Deadline

Expressing Shock over the Delhi Government's failure to provide clean water to the capital's 1.38 crore (13.8 Million) people, the Supreme Court fixed March 31, 2003 as the deadline for making the Yamuna pollution-free.

Referring to the presence of the jhuggis, which contributed to river pollution, the bench pulled up the government for not removing them from public land. The bench also queried the Urban Development Ministry on it's 5-point action plan to clean the Yamuna. It said that the ministry should inform the court about the manner in which it can be implemented.

The bench directed the Delhi chief secretary to file an affidavit detailing steps to be taken to improve the quality of the river so that it could no longer be called maili (dirty) Yamuna after March 31, 2003. The case has it's origin in the suo motu notice the Supreme Court took of a report published by the Hindustan Times on the pollution of the Yamuna. The Yamuna cleanup effort by the Yamuna Foundation was also published in India Abroad newspaper a few times and have caused public awareness of this serious pollution problem.

More details are in Hindustan Times (April 10, 2001).

Yamuna Foundation for Blue Water, Inc.

The Formally Registered Maryland Tax-Exempt Corporation Welcomes


New Project coordinators, Mr. Rabi Bhattacharjee and Diplu Dutta in New Delhi, India. The Blue Yamuna Team consisting of other members from Delhi and Agra area have been strengthened by this teaming effort of these two experienced individuals from Kolkata (formerly Calcutta).

Yamuna Foundation for Blue Water (Blue Yamuna), a non-profit organization, is still looking for sincere and progressive volunteers in India.

The details on the Yamuna Foundation with a brief background are furnished earlier on top of the page.

We'd be interested in a brief Resume from prospective volunteers, and a one/two-page proposal (a must for evaluation) indicating:

  • How can the individual can assist in cleaning up the Yamuna river near Delhi, India?
  • What Steps would be needed (as deemed by the individual) to bring back life to the Yamuna river?
  • What specific amount of time the individual can provide per week?

A one/two-page proposal should be sent by email, fax, or standard mail to the following address:

Yamuna Foundation for Blue Water
1496 Harwell Ave.
Crofton, Maryland 21114

Our email address is yamunariver at msn dot com.

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