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Summary - Yamuna Foundation for Blue Water

Yamuna River Remediation Project, New Delhi, India

Child Drinking Yamuna Water Prematurely Boiled

We are working on controlling Environmental Pollution and preserving the natural environment is our prime objective. We started our River cleanup and restoration effort with the Yamuna River near New Delhi and Agra, India.
(Picture: A Child Drinking Yamuna Water).

We'd love to have your support in this effort. The "Yamuna river remediation project" in New Delhi, India was started single-handed back in October 1992. Since then we have gained support from various organizations and individuals and have now formed a group of dedicated individuals with one goal, one mind, and one motto of one kind - the "Blue Yamuna".

We have been working on the Yamuna remediation project with some cooperation but no resources or financial support from the Government of Delhi. We have prepared preliminary designs and plans for a wetland treatment system demonstration project back in April 1993, and submitted to the Delhi Water Board. No action has yet been taken by them. Dr. Ken Brakken, soil scientist and forest ecologist, Arvada, CO and Dennis Haag, wildlife biologist, Lanexa, KS, have provided technical support and assistance in this project.

We'd like to get support from others in this endeavor to start installation of the environmental pollution control systems and to save the massive population from facing severe consequences of a serious environmental damage in India.

We formed "Yamuna Foundation for Blue Water (Blue Yamuna), a non-profit organization in 2000, and have been working with sincere and progressive individuals in India.

The principal members/board of directors of the foundation include several senior level Civil/Environmental Engineers in US and India, Ex-president, and Senior level members of the Lions Club, and President of the National Iron Foundry in Agra, amongst others. To get details on the Board of Directors for Rivers of the World Foundation Click Here

The Yamuna cleanup project has since been expanded to include other rivers, estuaries and contaminated waste sites. According to Dr. Kris Agrawal, one of the Executive Directors of the Yamuna Foundation "...these projects are mammoth in size and scope involving all of Southeast Asia and beyond. These projects will require many dynamic individuals who can carry on day to day management of money, machinery, manpower, and as well motivate people."

We would like to have our volunteer teams in all major cities commencing in New Delhi/Agra.
Our basic plan for the Yamuna River near Agra area is to Install:

  • Two Floating Aeration Devices (~$20,000 each)
  • A few Deep Pond Systems (~$75,000 each) to treat 1,500,000 gallons of raw sewage (i.e. 1.5 MGD) by each one of them.

Note: Rivers of the World (ROW) Foundation is a Tax-Exempt(501(c)3)Organization. All contributions to the ROW Foundation (Fed. Tax ID 26-062-3120 )qualify to be deductible from U.S. income taxes. All Rivers of the world foundation team members are participating in the Rivers/Stream restoration and protection activities on their personal time and contributing their personal funds. Not a single volunteer of the Foundation is receiving any compensation, rather they are paying towards the cause. They are conducting the activities in compliance with applicable regulations (US 18 U.S.C. 207 , 5 CFR 2635, and others; India - IPC for Ethics) in their respective countries. They are dedicated to Restore/Protect Rivers/Steams of the World and provide clean water for the poor and needy.